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Daniel Hayward

hey yo! my songs are old school shit like
Poison - Every rose has its thorn - Old girlfreind
U2 - One - Old girlfreind
Sublime - Date Rape - Drinking song
Smashing Pumpkins - Disarm - bad drugs & bad places
Demis Roussos - My Friend the wind - Growing up

Peace and Friends Bro


totally T - billie piper - day & nite...ok, not the HOT part, but dang catchy tune...then agen so were britney spears songs too...whoop!

im with D on the old skool hits...80s all the way man..chaka khan my fav @ the mo...aktualy tv & movie tunes r more me...& CARPENTERS represent..too much info? yea i thort so...lol.

Godfather Cecil

[this is good] Yo man
Cradle of Filth - From the cradle to enslave: First hardcore metal song I like
Alice, Eagle Rock, The Gambler: Classic boat racing memories
Any Celine Dion Song: Ex-fiance (bad memories...)
So Sick & Closer - Ne-Yo: Mine and Keri's songs

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